Comiket 83, day 2

Much more people today, maybe because I arrived earlier and also because it’s a Sunday. I’m amazed at the way these kinds of events are organised. On the way to and from the train stations, and between the exhibition halls, people are moving like cars on highways: Calmly and controlled, and directed by the staff and, I think, some police. And station attendants. It works so smoothly.

Comiket itself is quite exciting. I found more manga to my liking today and bought quite a few. And spoke to the artists of course. i bought about 50/50 from male/female artists I think. It’s really cute to see some real hardcore manga cover that would be half-banned in the West, and then behind the desk the shy little woman who created it, behind a mask and with nicely made up eyes.

Tomorrow is the last day, but I probably won’t go. I’ll browse the catalogue (it weighs about 3 or 4 kilos) to see if there’s some artist I definitely want to meet who’s exhibiting tomorrow. I met Tsukumo Gou today, which was nice.

It’s raining quite heavily today by the way. I’m off to Shibuya.

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