Yokohama, Chiyoda, Akihabara, Ueno

Me and Yusuke had planned to spend the day at Cosmo-World Yokohama, but because of heavy wind, all the fun attractions were closed. So we went to the fun fair at Tokyo Dome instead, but it was the same there! Except the ferris wheel. We also got quite scared in the haunted houses in both Yokohama and Tokyo! After that we roamed around in Chiyoda, Akihabara and then walked to Ueno where we ended the day at our usual (3rd time) sauna and had conveyor belt sushi afterwards. Now I’m staying at the same cheap hotel as a year ago, with the same view except I got the 9th floor this time. Yes, this is Ashita no Joe’s Namidabashi and the room costs 2,900 yen per night ≈ 25 euro. Toilet in the hallway, shower on the next floor.

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