Sleeping in a mangakissa


This is the last unbooked night for me, so I chose to stay in a mangakissa for the first time. It’s a manga/internet café, where you’re allowed to stay all night. There are booths with “reclining chairs” and with mattresses, so I chose the latter. There’s a blanket and a cushion here, but no linens. There’s also a shower for those who want to use it (for some extra money). Mangakissas are an important part of the Japanese culture, I think, so I’m happy to finally stay at one overnight. I think since a few years back they’re obliged by law to check ID/passport of all their guests, but they didn’t even ask my name. Which feels almost unreal nowadays, to stay anywhere overnight without sharing your personal details. I mean, even the capsule hotel wanted my passport number, though they didn’t bother to actually check my passport.

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