Strolling around in Omotesando


I’ve eaten countless of those sandwiches at café chain Doutor during my stay. It’s a great start of the day: Milano Sandwich B (shrimps and smoked salmon) + “blend” = drip coffee, size M.

I stay in Shibuya now and started walking towards Omotesando, finding a little fashion street called Cat Street, that probably is quite famous but I didn’t know about it. Lots of cool bicycles in the shops, almost gave me spring feeling and made me long for my sweet Caad 10.

I started talking to a police officer who explained what the people on the photos on the billboard outside the police box were: A mix of missing persons, murderers and other criminals.

Then I shopped for some stationary before meeting up a Japanese friend for some Saturday night entertainment in Shibuya.

I haven’t been in Japan this long before. It’s over 2 weeks now. And it’s my 5th trip.

I’ve read some ebooks on my Galaxy: The Lake (4) by Banana Yoshimoto, Player One (5) by Douglas Coupland, and now Fight Club. The Galaxy S3 is excellent as an ebook reader, except for the limited battery capacity.

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