Snow chaos in Tokyo!

The Shibuya crossing was horrible, everyone got soaked feet since the snow moddy water was decimeter-high. Everyone except those who had checked the weather forecast and wore rubber boots. The pictures show Akihabara, where I went today to do some hardcore shopping (pun intended) at K-Books. I hadn’t realised they had a second floor! Akihabara is full of surprises. No part of Tokyo makes me so happy as Akihabara. That’s where I feel at home. Last picture from nightly taxi ride with a friend + my hotel room late dinner from Seven-Eleven.

The service you get when paying is incredible in Japan. Everything is allowed to take time, you get small little presents and/or point collecting cards – that can be used immediately (not after sending in your address and liking their eff-book page). Last week I shopped for almost 5,000 yen on one floor, got 250 “points” and could turn them into 250 yen at the next floor, which I did when I shopped there, and got some more points. Today at K-Books I was just about to ask for double bags because of the snow, when the shop attendant took up that plastic cover that protects the bag from water in case of rain or snow:


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