Farewell, my friends

I have decided to never again watch Spin City. Farewell Mike. We were never that close, but I know you liked me. Carter, I will miss you and the stability you have offered to my life so many times. Stuart, you know there is strong love between us. James, big hug. Paul, we never really related, but I liked you anyway. Nikki, we’re soulmates. And last of all, the Major, what would anyone of us be without you? And with a tear in my eye: Stuart, goodbye to you once again. No more words.

I’ve also decided to stop watching Frasier. Frasier, we will never meet again. I hate it but it’s gotta be that way. We were so close. Niles, you were like a brother to me. Dad, you treated me like a son. Daphne, big hug. And Roz, why did we never take that coffee? Goodbye, everyone.

This was a repost from 30 September 2001.

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