2,5 years of Japanese studies – a serious dip

What can I say. I learned Japanese good enough to be able to handle any situation. I travelled in Japan, got friends, did business, etc. Maybe I’ve just come to the natural fatigue after the initial euphoric couple of years. The point where you have to rethink your goals and restructure the way you study. Because I haven’t studied much in the last month. (And I didn’t pass JLPT N3, just as I expected I wouldn’t.) Maybe I od’d on my last Japan trip, my fifth in 15 months. Or maybe I need another text book – as you know I like conquering the chapters, not reviewing them. Well well. This is a time as good as any to shape up. I have loads of fun stuff still waiting to be unwrapped. Plus there’s one area where I really lag behind: In reading. Yes, I’ll definitely make a plan for my studies. Till then, here’s some nice pictures of a kanji pen I bought at Tokyu Hands.





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