Congratulations, Karl Andersson!

Andersson is now the most common family name in Sweden, after surpassing Johansson yesterday. There are now 251,621 Anderssons in Sweden, but only 251,495 Johanssons. Ha! (Statistiska Centralbyrån: Top-100 list of Swedish family names.)

There is no change in the top list of male first names. It’s Karl! (Statistiska Centralbyrån: Top-100 list of Swedish male first names.)

Made me think of the mattresses in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (my emphasis):

Mattresses are friendly, dim-witted, docile creatures capable of speech. They are all called Zem and live in the swamps of Sqornshellous Zeta.

Many of them are slaughtered, dried out, and shipped around the Galaxy to be slept on by grateful customers, though they do not appear to mind this, one noting that since they are all called Zem they never know which of them have been killed anyway.

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