I logged into Facebook

For the first time in a week or so. That’s quite a contrast to opening a browser window, typing in “f” and hitting enter twice a minute or however often I used to do it.

The uninterestingness of the Facebook feed was insulting, which of course was the reason I decided to not log on for a while. I mean for how long can you try to pretend you’re interested in Stockholm dinner parties and feminism/anti-racism/gay rights slacktivism? What’s this, a fucking church? Old righteous ladies sipping their church coffee while all of a sudden caring immensely about textile workers in Bangladesh (but having already forgotten the Foxconn workers who built their iphone). Browsing Facebook is like watching old episodes of a sitcom you never even liked in the first place (maybe Roseanne), just for the convenience and zero-effort of it.

In other news, I’ve stayed off alcohol for 6 weeks or so. Not for any reason at all, but it feels unusual. Not the not drinking part, but to not want to drink.

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