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Garmin released the Edge 810 this spring. I have the Edge 800. It seems the biggest news with the new one is that it can upload data to Garmin Connect wirelessly (but I don’t mind using the usb cable, since I need it anyway to charge the thing) and that it has “social functions”. As they say in the ad above: “Let them follow.” Oh, as if anyone cares about another status update with your latest ride! Oh look, Glen’s heartbeat was way higher today than yesterday. Look, Brenda, it seems he sped up when he passed that curve 17 km into the ride. Oh my god, Glen, you’re right! I can’t wait to follow Glen’s ride tomorrow. No, I’m quite content to have the old one, oldfashioned as I am. It was also way cheaper – the new one sells at 449 euro, I think I paid 379 or so including a heart monitor. But the 449 might only be the recommended retail price.

3 thoughts on “Don’t follow me!

  1. I am not a Garmin user but since I wrote a column four years ago complaining about the state of bike computers in 2009 I have observed that things have happened. They have opened up to Open Street Map an not just their commercial maps with navigators and so forth. So now I read a little and believe you should have made a little more reading 🙂

    It seems the main point is the Garmin Connect App for iPhone and Android. It communicates with the Garmin 510 and 810 via bluetooth and can continually upload your data to Garmin Connect, and more. Like fetch weather data via the mobile phone and pipe it into your Garmin.

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