Berlin Velothon 2013


I started in the A block this year – the photo above is taken just 10 minutes before the start at 7.50 this morning, at Potsdamer Platz.

According to the inofficial results, I advanced from place 483 last year to 298 this year – out of 4835 participants (counting men only) in the 60 km race. My average speed was 39,11 – up from 38,57 last year.


115 is my placement within the age group with the flattering name Senior Men 1.

This was my third Velothon. As always it’s a fantastic feeling to bike fast in a group on roads where you’re normally not allowed to bike. I’m not a sporty person at all, but I love to bike fast.

There was one quite serious crash just infront of me; at least two people fell and I just barely managed to avoid it.

Teilnehmerbereich some 20 minutes after finish:


The goal on Straße des 17. Juni:


Update with one of the official photos, taken shortly before finish:


Update with two videos. The first one shows the start. I pass at 2.48:

The second video shows the sharp curve right after the biggest downslope, where I topped at 59,6 kph – and then I was taking it easy, not pedaling, drinking some water etc. Three people are caught on tape as they lose control of their bikes and crash:

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