Managing a VPS was harder than I expected

bahnhof pionen intredningsbilder

In the last week I experimented a bit with this domain. I temporarily transferred it to an own server, or actually a VPS provided by Swedish information liberty heroes Bahnhof.

It was a fun experience to leave my web hotel and try my wings with a little VPS with only 256 MB memory and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. In the terminal I installed MySQL, PHP and the web server Apache2, configured it all, enabled necessary mods, created databases and users, chmodded permissions to directories and files, imported xml-files to a fresh WordPress install and somehow managed to get the site rolling – hello world!

But in the next days the server often went down, or MySQL went down, and I don’t know why since proper VPS maintenance is way over my computer skills. I realised leaving my web hotel for my own virtual server would demand dedicated and long-term devotion, and well, this isn’t really my biggest interest … So now I’m back on my web hotel. The speed wasn’t that impressive with the VPS anyway, and now Binero has upgraded their storage solution, an investment of some million crowns. So I should be in good hands again. But it was fun to try out the VPS thing. It’s good to know that the option exists and that I can migrate relatively easily so to not be dependent on web hotels.

Photo from Bahnhof’s server room Pionen copyright by Roger Schederin.

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