July biking distance: 1,000 kilometers


Yes, wouldn’t that be something, to have biked one thousand kilometers during July. But as you can see, my total distance was only 981 kilometers – so irritatingly close! I blame the white area from 24th to 28th. First I got food poisoned (by my own too old red pesto) and had to spend a day in bed. And right after that it got too hot to bike; temperatures around 35 degrees, going down to 27 in the night.

I’ve never biked so much, except for that summer when I toured from Stockholm to Budapest, that was 2,700 kilometers spread out over 10 weeks.

As you can see, I mostly bike on Tempelhof, the former airfield. It’s fun because there are many other cyclists there and we can motivate each other and sometimes take turns drafting each other. The downside is that it’s almost always very windy. Sometimes it feels like skiing without a lift: You walk up the hill and it’s not nice at all, and then you ski downhill and it’s wonderful. And then you walk up again…

I probably won’t bike as much in August, since I will have many other things to do. Not that biking takes so very much time, but it sort of floors you for the rest of the day and you don’t have any more powers left than to order in and watch some episodes of Ashita no Joe 2 while drinking an alcohol free wheat beer (it’s isotonic). It’s very nice of course but not very productive. 😛

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