Rollbergrennen 2013 – Fotos

[box type=”tick”]Update 5 August 2013: All photos are now uploaded.[/box]

Today it was Rollbergrennen in my area. I was thinking of participating, but didn’t. Maybe next year. Instead I shot plenty of photos. There were six races:

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  • R1: Vattenfall Cup
  • R2: U13
  • R3: U15
  • R4: U17
  • R5: Jedermann (this is where I might participate next year)
  • R6: Elite


Many of the photos are bad, out of focus, etc. But – I decided to publish those anyway, since the participants might want to find their photos and don’t mind the bad quality. (Actually, one participant yelled at me when he saw me taking photos: “Which website?” To which I should probably have replied “Google” – I guess you find me if you search for Fotos vom Rollbergrennen 2013, radrennen Berlin or similar.)

[box type=”tick”]These photos are free to download, share and use however you want – no copyright (as long as you don’t make commercial use of them).[/box]

[box type=”tick”]If you want the original photo in high resolution, send an email to me (karl AT and tell me which photo you want.[/box]


R1: Vattenfall Cup



R2: U13



R3: U15



R4: U17



R5: Jedermann

P1100061 Cannondale Caad 10

Go, Caad 10! 🙂

Round 1

Everyone biked in one group in the beginning. Here is when they passed Hermannplatz the first round (start was at 11.45, so these shots are from 11.47):


Round 2

Three minutes later, 11.50. I think the one on the second photo – number 81 – became the leader quite soon. Most of the times I missed him with my camera. (Take it as a compliment – you were too fast for me!) I wonder if he won.


Round 3

Right on time, 11.53:


Round 4

At 11.56:


Round 5 and the rest

Starting 11.59, the group had become more spread out. Here are all the rest of the pictures, the last one shot at 12.28:


That’s all, phew! Last and least, 20 seconds video (sorry about the light) to catch the atmosphere. (For those who think I stood too close, I actually hid behind a lamp post/Ampel.)


5 thoughts on “Rollbergrennen 2013 – Fotos

  1. Hi, schöne Fotos? Aber wo sind denn die Bilder vom Rennen 6, oder sehe ich sie einfach nur nicht? Danke und viele Grüsse 🙂

  2. Danke. Es gibt leider keine Fotos von Rennen 6. Ich hatte eigentlich gar keine Pläne so viel (oder überhaupt) zu fotografieren diesen Tag, es war alles ganz spontan passiert. Aber Mitten im Rennen 5 kriegte ich Hunger und war nach Hause gegangen. 😛

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