My first earthquake

It was like a huge truck passing, the whole house vibrating and the walls even more so, like a very fast swaying for only a second, and the sound you would imagine from a house that is shaken like that (again, imagine very big truck). But right after, there was just silence, no truck.

I found Japan Meteorological Agency’s website with earthquake information, and just five minutes after the rumbling it was updated with lots of little dots on the map around Tokyo. Here it is. (Not sure if the link will stay that way but it seems like a unique entry.) As you can see it was a very mild quake. Magnitude 3.8, which translates to 1-2 on the Japanese intensity scale from 1 to 7. My area Tokyo Suginami-ku is listed as intensity 1. It happened at 19.35 Japan time (that’s 12.35 for most people in Europe).

So that’s how it feels like. I’ve been waiting for earthquakes to happen each time I went to Japan (sorry for being so blunt, but it’s the truth), and now it finally happened. I’m very happy.

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