Idea Magazine

Idea is a design magazine covering “international graphic art and typography”. It has been around since the 1950s; the current issue is number 361. It’s a bi-monthly quality publication and quite expensive, at least outside Japan. It’s always thick and often uses special paper insets, spot colors and glitter varnish. Browsing it reminds me a bit of reading Wired in the 90s, when magazines were still big business and the reader was treated to various smashing print effects.

Idea is published by Seibundo Shinkosha, a quite big publisher with many titles. The magazine has an international following despite only some issues are bilingual. You can get it at Pro qm in Berlin and similar book shops.

And this is the cool magazine where I’m doing my internship! I’ve already learned a lot about the way Japanese magazines are produced. It differs a lot from Europe in some core aspects, which I will cover in my report to the Swedish Publicists’ Association, who were so kind to give me the scholarship that pays for my stay here.

Today issue 361 came from the printers. Ah, the smell of fresh print! I think it’s my only real addiction. You can read more about the content here. I am the one who translated the longer texts to English, it was my first assignment.

Here are some photos I took of the new issue:











The last picture is from Idea 16, from 1956, when they covered Swedish design:


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