Bowling, tempura and Ghibli


It was a rainy Saturday in Tokyo. I met up with Yusuke and we went bowling in Tachikawa.

Followed by a fantastic and cheap tempura dinner at 天丼てんや/Tendon Tenya, which is apparently a tempura chain that I had missed but which is perfect for me.

Then we saw a movie theater and decided to watch Hayao Miyazaki’s last (he has retired) movie 風立ちぬ/The Wind Rises. I haven’t been to the movies for ages, so I was almost moved to tears by that THX thing that they show before the movie starts – it was new to me (the animated flower trumpets and stuff). The beauty of a perfect sound system! The movie itself was extremely beautiful, just as expected, but I nevertheless I found it quite boring to be honest. The story contained no important development, no obvious conflict. And it went on for over two hours, during which my back and neck started to hurt because I always (when in Japan) try to sit in a way that doesn’t ruin the movie for the poor person behind me. It’s apparently a biopic, so I guess they couldn’t change the person’s life too much. The language issue might have affected my judgment/enjoyment, but I think I got most of it.







The dish I ordered contained these tempuras, I’ve tried to find proper translations but not so easy: Shrimp, squid, “giant scallop” (ほたて/hotate), some green bean (いんげん), lotus root and “grifola frondosa”/korallticka. Most delicious: The scallop. We ate those in Yokohama too in January this year – this is what they look like.


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