Ochanomizu Chuo line

Without really planning it, for the third day in a row now I’ve taken the 9.46 train to work. It might be the closest I’ve come to a routine in the last eight years.

There is no obvious word for routine in Japanese, my coworker told me. I suggested the reason might be that routine is the natural state of Japanese life, thus not needing a word. But that probably goes for most societies, when I think about it. Anyway, I’ll continue using the loan word ルーチン (ruuchin) in Japanese.

The photo shows the Chuo Line Rapid Service train stopping at Ochanomizu station, where I work. The train ride takes 22 minutes from my home station to my work station, and includes no changes. It’s very convenient. My language school will be on the same line but one station closer even.

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