Wipha is coming!




Everyone in Tokyo is waiting for the typhoon now. It’s called Wipha and is supposed to come during the night and reach its peak in the morning. If it’s severe (and it’s supposed to be) we don’t have to go to work in the morning, but can come in the afternoon instead, our editor told us before we went home today.

Sorry for the bad quality of the above photos, I shot them with my phone on my way home. But maybe it can give you a glimpse of Tokyo right now.

I’ve experienced a typhoon once before, in Tokyo in July 2012 (photo here).

Update: I’ts next day now. I slept very badly because one of the metal shutters banged against the window in the strong wind. And the house was shaking, though I didn’t mind that. It was still windy in the morning, but no rain, so I went to work. I probably should have waited a couple of hours, because all trains were delayed because of the typhoon. My usual morning train takes 22 minutes station to station. This morning it took 55 minutes (20 minutes waiting and then a slow and extremely congested train ride). Maybe it was this situation the editor meant when he said we could come in after lunch. The office was emptier than usual when I arrived, maybe only half the usual people here. And all of them greeted me very happily.

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