Nishiogikubo izakaya dinner


I was taken to a very nice izakaya dinner by two of my coworkers tonight, here in Nishiogikubo where all three of us happen to live. Unfortunately for the first time ever I experience camera failure, so this was almost the only image I had left from the evening. But it somehow captures the atmosphere quite well, with the guitar and the manga shelf in the background. (We wanted to contrast a traditional Japanese mug to a European one, but I don’t think the comparison is really fair. ^^)

I learned about the mangaka Kyoko Okazaki, whose style influenced manga to the degree that one can talk about a “before” and “after” Kyoko Okazaki. It was the way she drew noses and lips, and the rough way she used screen tones. She was tragically hit by a drunk driver in 1996 and became totally hospitalised.

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