In the mail

Mail has always been magic to me. Having your first mail delivered to a new address was always special. Even more so when my home address is in Japan! Some days ago my first shipment from Japanese Amazon arrived:


So it worked. I can order from the fantastic shop. This can get dangerous if it gets out of hand …

Today these letters arrived:


I just love seeing my name in katakana and the letters still being properly delivered.

And here you can also see that I’ve applied for the JLPT this year – I will write it in Japan in December. But today I got an invitation to take a “test” test in November. I’m not sure if there will be a lottery for the test test or if there already was one and I was chosen (or both), but I’ve signed the reply postcard and will post it tomorrow. If I write it I’ll receive 2,000 yen as a thank you, apparently they want participants because it helps them evaluate the test questions.

PS: I’ve deleted the numbers in my address on the envelopes above, so don’t try to send anything!

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