Thank you and goodbye, Idea!


Today I’m doing my last day at the editorial offices of Idea magazine in Tokyo. It has been a very interesting and almost unreal experience to be seated at a desk in the heart of Japanese publishing, observing from within how a new issue starts to take form. I’ve learned a lot about how magazines are made in Japan, and I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. Not least did I enjoy going to an office every day. It’s been some time since I did that. But two and a half weeks will suffice.

I’m very grateful to the editors of Idea, who were kind enough to let a curious Swede roam around and ask questions, despite they were busy starting to put together the next issue. They also let me visit the design studio, where I interviewed the art director (who was also very busy), and I was allowed to join one of them to a meeting at another publisher. In addition, I have been granted a visit to the printing plant when the new issue is due to be printed in early December. On top of this, there have been plenty of interesting and delicious lunches and dinners, so I’m very content with my time here.

I’m also very grateful to the Swedish Publicists’ Association/Publicistklubben and Hiertanämnden, who made this internship possible by giving me a grant to widen my horizons as a designer and publicist. A full report of my internship will follow after I’ve visited the printing plant and another publisher, where I will do a brief visit.

Last of all I must really thank Kohei and Daisuke, my Japanese friends in Berlin who have helped me tremendously in my contacts with Idea and other magazines. Without them, this internship couldn’t have been realised that easily, if at all.

Since this is starting to sound like a speech, I’ll end now. ^^

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