I’m now working for FINEBOYS


I’ve just had a meeting with a manager at the company that publishes FINEBOYS and other youth and fashion magazines. I interviewed them about their publishing, it’s within the scope of my internship. It was especially interesting to hear more about the boys’ hair magazines that only exist in Japan. I’ll include it in my report to Publicistklubben.

When I told them I do web design they got very interested. I showed them some sites I’ve created and the manager said they want me to do some jobs for them in the future. This is partly because they need a designer who “thinks European”, so to speak. So even though I haven’t got my first assignment yet, I think I can say that I’m working for FINEBOYS! (^_-)-☆

Now I’m having sandwich lunch at a nearby Doutor. They were out of my favorite shrimp sandwich, so I had to make do with a prepackaged one.

Update: Some more pictures (from my LX5).

As I was waiting in the meeting room I carefully selected the “lowest” chair. Kohei has explained how all chairs in a Japanese meeting room, and all positions in an elevator, have a certain grade, and it’s important to choose according to one’s position in the company.

You can also see my new bag, which was delivered by Amazon today. I really like my old one, which has followed me on all Japan trips including this one, but it’s from 2005 and is starting to fall apart, so I wanted to get a new one before it falls to the ground with my newly repaired computer inside.

Last picture from Tokyo station, where I wanted to take a photo of the “Tokyo Banana” stand in the background, but well…





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