Sharp pencil

Of all the things I love with Japan, this is pretty high up on the list: Advanced mechanical pencils with lead ranging from 0.3 to 1.3 mm. Developed by the engineers at Mitsubishi or dedicated pen companies like Pilot (I visited the Pilot museum in Ginza on my first Japan trip). Stationery is taken seriously in Japan. I think this picture captures it well; the assortment of leads of different thickness, hardness and brands found at the department store Loft in Tachikawa (where I spent the evening playing 太鼓の達人/Taiko Drum Master and going to a sauna with Yusuke).

2 thoughts on “Sharp pencil

  1. “The words stationary and stationery are often confused. Stationary is an adjective which means ‘not moving or not intended to be moved’, as in a car collided with a stationary vehicle, whereas stationery is a noun which means ‘writing and other office materials’, as in I wrote to my father on the hotel stationery.”

    Oops, found this on the oxford dictionary (or is it dictionery 😉

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