Tokyo expenses October 2013


I’m keeping track of every single expense during my stay in Japan. I haven’t done this before, so I can’t really compare it to anything. But anyway:

My October expenses ended on 243,975 yen ≈ 1,805 euro/15,841 crowns. Subtract the shopping, which I consider as a kind of investment and will enjoy for years to come at home in Berlin, and we land on 167,286 yen = 1,238 euro/10,868 crowns. That’s totally ok, considering I eat out every day.

Most categories speak for themselves.

Work & studies contains the rent for my coworking space (valid throughout November), my textbooks (more about my studies later), and my LTE internet.

Transportation is pure public transportation; 16,000 yen equals 118 euro or 1,039 crowns. Considering a monthly card on the Berlin public transport costs 78 euro and in Stockholm 790 crowns, that’s not a bad deal. (I’ve been around every single day.) A month’s transport in Tokyo is 30 percent more expensive than in Stockholm, but the service is about 3,000 percent higher. ^__^ (There is no monthly card in Tokyo, you pay for each fare, but it’s possible to buy 11 single tickets of a certain price category for the price of 10. I haven’t done this so far, since I always use the Suica card, a kind of plastic card wallet that you load with money in a very smooth way.)

Health & Hygiene includes the things you buy at a drug store plus laundry.

Entertainment is low mainly because dinners with friends was booked to the “café & restaurant” category (despite they were entertaining), and I was also treated to several of them. So entertainment is pure fees for bowling, games, sauna, etc.

I will continue keeping track of expenses, even after I come back to Europe, to be able to compare. But of course, this stay is allowed to cost, so I’m not trying to tighten the belt. I have a very low rent by Tokyo standards (and definitely by Stockholm standards too, or even Berlin standards), so that lets me be a bit more careless with the other categories, especially the one for shopping. ^^

As for incomes, I have the grant from Publicistklubben of 20,000 crowns, which equals 307,873 yen. About half of that went to the plane ticket, and I think the other half quite about covered my living expenses during my internship, so it was well calculated.

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