Christmas in Kichijouji


Yesterday was a national holiday in Japan. I went to Kichijouji (my next station) to pick up a special issue of Yowamushi Pedal 30 that I had reserved at Animate. The whole city center had been lit up with colourful Christmas decorations.

The book itself wasn’t anything special to be honest, especially since I had already read it! But I got some fun stickers and mainly wanted to try the reservation process anyway; before the release date, you pick a little paper slip next to the sign that advertise the new product in the shop and give it to the staff, who register it with your Animate card. Then you have a week to come back and buy it once the product is released.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Kichijouji

  1. The b/w images I saw of Yowamushi manga look amazing dazzling and dynamic, the color anime ones look stiff and bland in comparison!

    Did u bring your mamachari to Japan?

    1. I wonder if this isn’t always the case, and that’s why there are so many hardcore manga fans who always complain about the anime. A bit like the book and the movie. Since I haven’t really read manga before, I haven’t been able to compare.

      As for the Yowamushi anime, I will buy the first episodes on BD on their release day, the 20th December. So I don’t wanna look into it before that.

      Both my mamacharis are resting in Berlin. 😉

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