Practice test for JLPT N3

Today I took the “practice test” of JLPT N3. (I will write the real one on 1 December 2013.) I wrote it at a university close to me, in Higashi-Koganei. A very small university in a residential area, with a campus reminding of a big back yard.

The arrangements around the event were perfect. Three well-dressed men organised the test in my classroom.

All Japanese text in the classroom, such as the back of a computer screen, sockets, etc, had been covered with blank stickers so that no one would have the advantage of recognising a kanji while taking the test. Since one was allowed to go to the toilet during the test (followed by a member of the staff, no one did), all text in the restrooms and on the way there had also been covered. For example the covers of the garbage cans, which says which kind of garbage they are for. And the signs for hot and cold on the faucets. Even the brand of the urinals had been covered.

I think I did ok. Words and listening was easy, but I still have problems reading – just like almost a year ago! We’ll see if I’ve got enough better to pass the real test. (Results from this one will come at the end of December 2013.)

After the test, each of us got an envelope with 2,000 yen in cash. Wow! I think everyone would have written the test even without this money, which I guess is handed out because The Japan Foundation (who organises the test) uses the practice test to evaluate the real test, or something.

On my way back I stopped at Kichijouji and spent some time in Yodobashi Camera, which always ends with me spending some 10,000 yen bills.

Then I had a fish burger and a beer at Freshness Burger before walking home.








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