Sixth earthquake – magnitude 5.5 again


I sat at the counter at Tendon Tenya eating a tendon when the counter started to shake. I didn’t notice at first, or I thought it was the other man at the counter who was doing something with it. But just when I realised that couldn’t be the case, I heard him say to the woman behind the counter: “Jishin.” (“Earthquake.”) I looked at him and said it too: “Jishin?” Then the shaking got worse, it felt like huge cogs moving deep underneath and causing an extreme low-frequency vibration at about 1 Hertz. The man said: “Tsuyoi.” (“Strong.”) The woman behind the counter didn’t say anything, she stood at the same place looking out over the little restaurant. The other four people – one couple and two friends – were also silent. We were all sharing this moment! The white plastic straps to the Venetian blinds in the windows were swaying. It didn’t get worse though, so after about half a minute I got back to my food and the others started talking again. The whole thing was over in about a minute or two, with some hardly noticeable aftershocks in the next fifteen minutes.

The quake got intensity 3 out of 7 in my area, just like the last one.


A 5.5 magnitude quake struck eastern Japan Saturday evening, according to the US Geological Survey, causing skyscrapers to shake in Tokyo and temporarily halting high speed trains.

The quake hit at 8:44pm local time at a depth of 63 kilometres, in the Chiba prefecture which neighbours Tokyo.

Service on a high-speed train line was briefly halted but later resumed after a track inspection.

Neither the Tokyo-Narita airport nor any nuclear installations in the region were affected, public broadcaster NHK said.

The tremor came exactly one week after another 5.5 struck close to the capital, and three weeks after a major 7.1 magnitude quake generated small tsunamis on Japan’s north-east coast, without causing damage or casualties.

Detailed info at JMA.

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