Reporting live from the tallest building in Tokyo

After arriving in Roppongi we had vending machine dinner and then headed for Mori tower, which is … well, I erred in the headline. With 238 meters it’s apparently the 6th tallest building in Tokyo. And except those five taller buildings, as in normal buildings, there are also the two towers.

However, 238 meters is pretty high when you’re allowed to walk around on the roof! I’ve climbed Tokyo Sky Tree as well – which is not only Tokyo’s but the world’s tallest tower – but there we were not allowed to go outside, thank god. As a comparison, Sweden’s tallest building (Turning Torso in Malmö) is 190 meters.

Fierce views, and surprisingly warm. Unfortunately I had only brought my phone camera, which is very bad in darkness, but you can still get an idea.










At the bottom of the building we found a German Christmas market, so I bought Yusuke some Glühwein.




Roppongi Hills is quite exclusive and upscale. I hadn’t been here since my first visit in October 2011.




Then about 7 rounds of Taiko no Tatsujin (each round is 3 songs). I’m starting to get better and won a few times. This was some kind of “special edition short time only” machine, so it had some new songs, and also gave different drum patterns to each player during certain parts of the songs. I fucking love this game and am really happy to be able to bring it home to Europe – including two (!) fat drum controllers that take up most of my luggage.


As you can see in my post from yesterday, Taiko no Tatsujin is the best-selling game in Japan at the moment (for the Wii console). The Wii and Wii U versions of the game, and the huge drum controllers, are piled up in all game shops. So it’s a very popular game here, and still there has been no release outside Asia!


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