Last night at Vacancy Office

Yesterday there was another after work party at Vacancy Office in Gotanda, the coworking space where I’ve worked the most. At the beginning of the evening, everyone introduced themselves and said a few words about what kind of work they were doing.


The other freelancers, whom I’ve become friends with over the last two months, surprised me with a goodbye “omiyage”: it’s a towel that you can use in the sauna but also wrap around your head at festivals. The kanji 祭 reads “matsuri”, which means “festival”.


Then we ordered food from a nearby yakitori place.




Miyagi and I made a quick stop at the local game center for one round of Taiko no Tatsujin.


Then we joined the others at the yakitori place, where I was treated to beer and grilled sticks of for example Japanese Quail (japansk vaktel) eggs.





Miyagi, who is from Okinawa, told me that these dogs are traditional Okinawa figures. I saw them at Yusuke’s place too, and in a chapter of Yotsuba-to, in which one of the older sisters came back from her vacation in Okinawa, and gave Yotsuba one of these dogs. Apparently the one with the open mouth is male and the other one female.


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