This week in Berlin (week 5, 2014)

Week 5 = 27 January – 2 February 2014.


  • Chapter 2 in Intermediate Japanese Workbook
  • 5 tandem sessions with Kohei (Mo-Fr)
  • 1 Japanese party
  • Iknow: –
  • Memrise: –


  • Free! Episode 1-3 (2013) (quite bad)
  • Hunter x Hunter, episode 1-3 (2011) (very good)


  • Äkta människor 2, episode 4 (2013)


  • Railfan (PS3)


  • Continued reading Murakami.

Various reading:

5 thoughts on “This week in Berlin (week 5, 2014)

  1. “Hunter x Hunter, episode 1-3 (1999) (very good)”

    And the same holds for most other episodes in HxH. :3 Has just been one slightly boring arc as of yet.

    1. Happy to hear that. I *really* liked the first episodes.

      You will like a post that I’ve scheduled for 14 March 2014.

  2. Oh, wonder what that post will be about. 🙂 Also, *I* just realised I didn’t read that you wrote which version, cause I’m also watching the remake. Most people who’ve seen both seem to think the remake is better (and since the original one was cancelled you don’t have much choice). There was more blood and the protagonists had shorter shorts in the original though. 😉

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