Second shipment arrived


Today the second package I sent to myself from Japan before going home to Europe arrived. In total there are 5 such shipments. This one was sent on the 16th of December 2013, so it took almost exactly 2 months for it to arrive.


It’s so good to have these packages arrive and remind me of my Japan stay. This was just what I hoped for when I chose sea mail, that the first months of 2014 would be brightened by these shipments being delivered at random dates. Every such day is a bit like Christmas!


The content? Magazines! Sent in the mail mainly because of their weight.


Time to make a short list of delivered shipments – in order of arrival:

  • Shipment 1 (sea mail, trackable): Sent from Tokyo 6 December 2013, arrived to customs in Hamburg 27 January 2014, arrived to me in Berlin 31 January 2014.
  • Shipment 2 (sea mail, printed matter, untrackable): Sent from Tokyo 16 December 2013, arrived in Berlin 17 February 2014.

As for the last 3 shipments, one of them is untrackable, but the two trackable ones were sent on 27 November 2013 from Japan and arrived to customs in Niederaula on 23 January 2014. I’ve called them and asked about the progress, and they’ve told me to wait.

5 thoughts on “Second shipment arrived

    1. Hard to say, it seems a bit arbitrary. The big box with figures didn’t seem to have been opened at all (and that was the biggest and most valuable package I sent). That one passed customs in Hamburg though, this repacked one went through Niederaula, and that’s also where my two trackable packages are stuck.

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