Week 11, 2014

Week 11 = 10-16 March 2014


  • Restarted my kanji studies.
  • 政(セイ・まつりごと)= politics


  • Hunter x Hunter, episode 67-77 ← Chimera Ant arc has begun
  • Yowamushi Pedal, episode 22
  • Free! Episode 8-12 = finished
  • Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Episode 3-5
  • Ranma ½, season 2, episodes 16-19



  • Finished reading James J. O’Meara: The Homo and the Negro


Noteworthy news:

Sad news:

  • Swedish journalist Nils Horner was shot dead in Kabul. He was a foreign correspondent for the Swedish Radio and I liked him very much. I first noticed him when he covered the tsunami in Japan in March 2011, and after that I always enjoyed hearing his reportages, wherever he reported from at the moment – he covered all of Asia. Good texts about Nils in Swedish by Jenny Nordberg, Bosse Lindwall.

Road bike:

  • Monday: Tempelhof x 7 (46 km)
  • Wednesday: Tempelhof x 12 (76 km)
  • Friday: Tempelhof x 10 (64 km)

Monday ride: Perfect day, sunny and warm (17 °C), I rode in shorts and jersey (no undergarment). Was overtaken by what looked like a time trial bike from Bottecchia, with aero bars and a disc wheel. But I always caught up with him on his resting stretches. Then I biked several laps with Black Bulls, who might have been the one I called Black Scott last Saturday, helmetless. I think we’re a good match. In the end when I was tired I biked a bit with a red Simplon as well (who was too slow for me and Black Bulls earlier).

Lap speeds (km/h):

  1. 32,5 ← not really any warm up today
  2. 32,8
  3. 33,1
  4. 31,4
  5. 33,4
  6. 33,0
  7. 30,0 ← calm down lap

Wednesday ride: Another nice day but actually a bit colder (13 °C). Saw Red Bottecchia again and managed to bike up to him and hang in his back for a whole lap – that’s the fastest one. We got a third biker after us as well. Then I biked alone waiting for someone more on my level (and with a normal road bike). And then came a Blue-White Trek and we biked together for two or three laps. Then I took a slow relax and banana lap before biking up to a Black Specialized who had overtook me during my meal lap, and then we biked the last couple of laps together. But I would say that all of them were above my level, especially Black Specialized who had thighs like the back of a fat pig.

Lap speeds (km/h):

  1. 26,5 ← warm up
  2. 32,4
  3. 36,3 ← trailing Red Bottecchia
  4. 28,9
  5. 30,4
  6. 31,1
  7. 34,5 ← biking with Blue-White Trek
  8. 34,0 ←    – ” –
  9. 24,1 ← relax and banana lap
  10. 30,4
  11. 31,9 ← biking with Black Specialized
  12. 32,6 ←    – ” –

Friday ride: Last relatively warm (12 °C) day before a colder period of wind and rain which it seems will last will into next week. Not very fun, no tailing, but I kept overtaking and being overtaken by a White-Blue Lefu (?), since he maintained a steady pace whereas I biked fast when I had tailwind and slow when headwind.

Lap speeds (km/h):

  1. 26,3 ← warm up lap
  2. 31,5
  3. 32,6
  4. 31,9
  5. 30,9
  6. 30,8
  7. 26,3 ← banana lap
  8. 31,7
  9. 28,7
  10. 30,5

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