Akihabara crackdown

In the series of how Tokyo might change until the 2020 Olympics, here’s from Tokyo Reporter:

shukan_jitsuwa_apr10“Throughout Tokyo, reports Shukan Jitsuwa (Apr. 10), a purification drive of the city’s red-light areas is expanding, with the latest blow arriving in Chiyoda Ward’s Akihabara area, where law enforcement is attempting to thwart child prostitution.

Starting on April 1, businesses throughout Chiyoda Ward will be prohibited from promoting the service utilized by men known as ‘joshi kosei osanpo,’ or a walking date with a high school girl.”

… “‘During the walk, the customer can then negotiate enjo kosai’ — meaning compensated dating, which is a euphemism for a trip to love hotel.”

I’ll collect little snippets like this one and see what pattern emerges if any. From now on they’re filed under the tag Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Nice magazine design by the way.

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