Club 任天堂 Gold Member and gay marriage in Tomodachi Life


Proud to have become a Gold Member in Club Nintendo after redeeming lots of serial number cards today. A couple or three of them had already expired unfortunately, since they came with 2-hand games from Book-Off.

The reason I did this now was that I started playing トモダチコレクション (“Tomodachi Collection”) which I bought in Japan.

Tomodachi Collection

Nintendo has just launched the game in the US as “Tomodachi Life” and had to face fierce criticism from LGBT rights groups for not offering gay marriage in the game. Nintendo bowed down to the American demand and apologized.

A commenter summed it up pretty well, I think:

How dare a foreign country not have the exact same anglo-saxon morality that my generation has come to know and love in the past 10 years. Clearly they are of inferior morality.

And the game is quite fun, I’m making a lot of friends! (“Tomodachi” means friend.)

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