Ready for takeoff – biking on the runways

Today I diverted from my regular laps and made two fast runs on the landing strips on Tempelhof. After all, this might be the only airport in the world where you’re allowed to bike! It’s easy to see my two runs on the speed chart:


I had tailwind from the west, but it’s still a challenge to keep up the pace for the full stretch of 2 kilometers. I started with the south strip and was matched with 2 segments on strava. The first one was 1,6 km – I got place 8 of 186:


The second segment stretched out for the full 2 km of the strip, but caught fewer bikers – I got place 3 of 29:


And here’s the northern strip, place 19 of 213:


The southern road is a segment too, but it’s narrow and very crowded on weekends. Nevertheless I avaraged 41,6 km/h on some ride in 2013, which gave me place 11 of 361:


Almost all segments are led by “Henrik M”. He’s a Danish guy whom I once met at a demo since we have common friends.

I’m feeling ill now, maybe it’s because I swallowed a really big fly.

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