Goodbye, Flattr


It feels a bit cruel to quit my Flattr account while the company’s founder is in prison after a mock trial, but … I haven’t used Flattr much, and now they ask all users to update their account with correct personal details, or else you get deleted.

I commented to this change:

Like others say, Flattr was a great idea, and I know it’s not your fault you have to do this. But…

I registered and filled up my account with 10 euro back in 2010. Now my account balance is 25 euro. So I’ve made 15 euros in 4 years. Almost 4 euros per year. And for that, the EU/US demands to know my identity.

It’s like with the buses in Stockholm – you can’t pay a simple fair with sms unless you register your prepaid sim card. I don’t like this development.

I voted with my feet when I registered for Flattr. I wanted it to work. I implemented it on my sites and encouraged people to use it. But now I must vote with my feet again, as a protest. Not against you, but against these silly laws.

Thank you for these years and goodbye.

And thanks to everyone who flattred me over the years! I’ve now deleted my account.

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