New tires for my Caad 10

I got a puncture last Monday, in the most inconvenient situation possible: In the middle of the runway as the rain was pouring down. It was actually quite a hefty hail storm and people were running for cover. But I enjoyed riding in the heavy rain for the first time. Until I felt the tire on the rear wheel burst.

Here’s the thing that caused it:


And this is from the inside. As you can see it sticks in a lot, so it had pierced the tube immediately, very cruel:


Here I have pulled out the thing a bit. It turned out to be a piece of stone, but sharpened like a little knife or similar. How evil:


This was my third puncture in only a month. So I decided to upgrade my tires. Apparently the Schwalbe Lugano that came with my bike are quite low-end. And also, I’ve had them for as long as the bike: 2,5 years and 6600 km. Now I ordered Schwalbe Durano S, which are lighter, faster and have better puncture protection:


It might be silly to order tires with white stripes. I mean, white of all colors. For how long will they remain white?


But the truth is that this was the perfect fit for my bike. In fact, these new tires complete my bike in an almost magical way. It should have been sold with these tires, I think. Just look for yourself:


Not a good position for my bike, but you get the point. I didn’t wanna set up a photo shoot – I wanted to get out and ride!

I rode the new tires today and it was wonderful. The bike looks so good! And I think they were faster too – I normally don’t top at 57 km/h on flat Tempelhof as I did now. And there’s a different feeling when I bike handless, a bit harder to control but I think it’s only that I have to get used to the new way it moves.

New Strava record

“Round and round and round” consists of 6 laps Ă  6 kilometers = 36 km on Tempelhof. Unlike the shorter sprint segments, this one is all about keeping a high pace throughout the long segment, about 1 hour in my case. Since the segment is so long, it captures relatively few bikers. I got place 9 of 62 on one of my last rides, when I biked together with two fast guys:


New Strava friend

My first one, actually. We biked and talked last Monday (before my puncture), and afterwards Strava informed us about whom we had biked with. As always, Strava has all the stats:


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