Last part of the bike tour travelogue: Donauradweg to Vienna + crossing Moravia to Kraków

Outside Micha's place. Starting out again after 4 resting days in Vienna.

The last part of my 2002 bike tour travelogue is now live. This concludes this remastering project. Here are all three parts:

Any reflections on my 12 years old tour? Not much, but maybe this:

  1. All photos look ancient. This is because they were shot with an analogue camera and probably were slightly bleached when rescanned. But also because we photographed in another way 12 years ago. One shot and that was it. I was also a young and simple photographer, mostly shooting boring buildings, but that also reflects what I thought was noteworthy back then.
  2. I ate way too little during these 27 biking days of 100 km per day on average. I seem to have had no thought whatsoever on stuffing myself with carbs before a ride and with proteins after it. No wonder I craved 6 cans of Nutella during the trip.
  3. I was refreshingly unplanned and unworried. Probably because of youth.

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