Public art ambitions

Public art 1976

Swedish sculptor David Wretling was an apprentice to Carl Milles. He created “Nya Vingar” (“New Wings”) in 1949. Since 1976, it can be seen in Arlanda Airport’s International Terminal, which opened that year. It was a gift to Arlanda from AB Aerotransport and Svensk Interkontinental Lufttrafik AB. It still stands in a corner of the terminal, as a silent but powerful reminder of what public art once looked like:


Public art 2014

Nowadays, state-owned company Swedavia runs Arlanda and several other Swedish airports. For the Stockholm Pride Week they invited Hallmark Cards to hold a photo exhibition on the theme “#aproudcity”. Oh, sorry, I erred. It’s not Hallmark, it’s Shutterstock. I mean, Istockphoto. Oh wait. Sorry about that. Of course, Swedavia is exhibiting the works of Sweden’s cutting edge gay artists, the avant garde of today. Can’t you see that? The artistic quality is just stunning.


“No title”


“Chill down!”

true colors

I won´t be waiting for true colours


“On the beach”


“No name”


“Sign Language”





2 thoughts on “Public art ambitions

  1. Great irony, I hope everyone understands that. Well, your regular readers will. Swedavia may take it as an endorsement of their cutting edge exhibition *lol*

    1. I wanted to highlight 2 things with this post:

      1. How companies are so eager to be HBTQ-friendly that they swallow everything that is presented to them, even if the quality is as subpar as in these photos, which would never even be considered in any other (non-HBTQ) context.

      2. How closely connected artistic genius is to oppression and frustration. Sublimation is behind the greatest works of art in the world. These bland photos are the perfect proof of how gays in today’s Sweden have nothing to fight for anymore. There is no oppression, no frustration anymore. Gays (at least the kind of gays behind this exhibition) are now as accepted as everyone else, and thus, their “art” has become as mediocre as everyone else’s. Seriously, these photos remind of the local church’s exhibition of housewives’ “creative” work. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe earning the right to be mediocre is the biggest achievement of all for the gay movement. Congratulations.

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