July is for biking

Last year I reported on almost reaching 1000 km on my road bike during July 2013, before I was downed by food poisoning.

Guess what, I was downed this July too. By a fever. But not until I had reached 1000 July kilometers, or 1004 to be exact – yippee!

In fact, the fever was probably a result of my careless biking in the sun last Saturday. I had only planned to do a short (~80 km) morning tour, but got inspired and continued until 130 km, with burned arms and legs as a result. Stupid! Then I did some other things too – including biking 70 km the next day – and then my body sent me a message by sending me to bed. It was one bad day of fever shivers (38,5) followed by one day of weakness and dizziness (morning temp 37,7). Today I’m well again (morning temp 36,3) but decided to rest anyway.

And here are the charts:

1. Kilometers to date


Isn’t it sweet to see how the distance increased each month? Guess this means high expectations for August. (Last year I didn’t bike at all in August, because I was very busy with jobs and preparing for my autumn in Japan.)

2. July cycling log


As you can see, there are only 12 rides in July, averaging 84 km per ride, so there is room for improvement. On the other hand I’m quite comfortable at this pace and I’m not competing against anyone. Except those guys at Strava of course, look what I just got:



I’ve made a new friend at Tempelhof, which has made the biking more than just biking. He has made me read up on tire science by sending me pdf’s of extremely detailed tire tests, the way only Germans can do them. And tonight I find myself watching an open lecture on bike fitting from UCTV. (Youtube.)

But that’s not all. Inspired by his purchases (new front tire, new computer, pump – all on a budget), I’ve had my own little shopping spree on German Amazon. Here’s just a small part of it, mainly the “digestibles”:


I’ve invested in a new heartrate monitor, since the old one was so bad that I would have been dead if its data were accurate. In fact, I was afraid I had a heart problem before checking with Google and realizing that loads and loads of people were having the same problem with those old Garmin heartrate monitors. But apparently Garmin’s new 2013 monitor corrects these errors. So that’s another 50 euros for Garmin for failing to deliver the first time.

I’ve also got the cadence sensor to work after 2,5 years. I gave up after the 10th or so attempt when it was new, and it didn’t feel important with cadence at the time anyway. Well, it does now. (No matter the subject, the more advanced features are not important to you when you’re below a certain level. Then you get better, you learn to master the basics, you need more features, want more input – and there you go: cadence sensor.) It was easy to get it to work once I adjusted the magnets a bit, so I probably didn’t try that hard before.

What more? New pants, socks, led lights … That will do for now.

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