Saint Seiya


Yesterday I watched the first episode (of 114) of Saint Seiya, a famous anime from the 1980s. It reminded me of a male Sailor Moon, or a science fiction version of Ashita no Joe (no other relation than that some of the fighting scenes seemed inspired by this legendary anime – and now that I check, I realize that Saint Seiya in fact is directed by Shingo Araki, who had his breakthrough with Ashita no Joe!)

I loved it from the start. It’s hard not to when it starts with an intro like this:

When evil reigns on earth, hope will appear: Saints.

Long ago Goddess Athena was protected by a group of boys. They were called Athena’s Saints.

The boys used their bodies as their weapons: Their fists could rip the sky. Their feet could split the ground.

Now, these boys full of bravery, spirit and strength have been reborn on Earth – as Saints.

The protagonist is Seiya Pegasus, 13 (pictured above). He is 165 cm tall and weighs 53 kg. And now that I added the picture, I realize how much he looks like Joe. This is gonna be good.

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