How to check the credit on your Suica card when outside Japan

People who frequently travel to Japan often end up with piles of Suica cards, the convenient payment card that is mainly used for local transport, but can also be used at convenience stores, vending machines and other places. I’ve often bought it as part of a bundle for the NEX train from Narita Airport, so I have 4 or 5 of them and I never remember how much credit they have when I leave Japan.

Now there’s an easy way to check your Suica credit even if you’re not in Japan. At least if you own a Japanese Wii U console. Who doesn’t. 🙂

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

1. Choose 電子マネー (“electronic money” – can be Pasmo or similar cards too) as payment option.

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

2. Choose the amount you want to charge your Nintendo account with, and hold the card against the gamepad’s RFID reader.

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

3. As for me, it turned out that one of the two cards I found was empty, and the other one only contained 100 yen. Since the minimum charging amount for my Nintendo account was 500 yen, I couldn’t charge it. But at least I know the credits now.

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