New cleats


Original cleats from Look. There are cheaper versions around too, but I didn’t wanna take a chance with something this important. My first pair of cleats lasted 8913 km and counting – that’s the all-time distance on my road bike since I bought it in October 2011.


And here are the old ones:


The left one was almost entirely worn down, whereas the right one was in pretty good shape. That’s because I always unclick my left foot when stopping. From now on I’ll unclick my right foot instead, and try to balance the unclicking.

Premiere ride was this evening:


I got a puncture pretty early in the ride, but it was a slow puncture so I didn’t realize it until I was close to home, although I did get a funny feeling of not being able to bike as fast as usual, it was almost like a syrupy feeling in my legs. Anyway, I made it all the way home, and then the tire pressure was only 1,5 bar. At start it was 9.

2 thoughts on “New cleats

  1. Wow! The Anti-Slip rubber looks really useful! Now i realise that mine have nothing comparable.

    And 1.5 bar !? Hope that nothing happened to your rim;)

    ride on….

    1. The comical (almost irritating) thing is that after I pumped it up to 10 bars after the ride, it is still rock hard. I guess it will start losing air once I actually roll on it. So I will still change the tube before next ride. (I’ve found many new routes, can’t wait.)

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