Attention to detail


If you gonna talk about “attention to detail” and “absolute perfection”, at least get the apostrophes right. They obviously know how to use a genitive apostrophe correctly, so why the acute accent in the contraction?

I wouldn’t complain about typographical inconsistency on my electrician’s homepage. He’s good at doing the electricity stuff. That’s enough for me. I don’t demand any outstanding punctuation skills.

I would like to think that Stutterheim is as good at making raincoats as my electrician is at doing his electricity stuff, but let’s be honest: This is fashion.

Fashion is not about the quality of the product, it’s about what it conveys about us to others. That’s what fashion is. In fact, the actual product is the least interesting part of fashion. If it’s good quality, that’s more of a nice bonus. The real purpose of fashion is to convey an image of good quality (or whatever a certain brand wants to convey). Even though this image must be physically manifested to a small extent (as small as possible) in the product to make the branding credible, the main way that the image is created is by way of advertising, showrooms, pricing, etc. This is especially true when we only see the products on the web before we order them.


Stutterheim seems to want to be a slightly upscale, “quality-rather-than-luxury” brand for the Monocle-reading generation. And I must admit, I liked their bold statements about “absolute perfection” and “attention to detail”. Why? Because I’m a romantic! I’m a dreamer who never ceases to believe in, well, absolute perfection. Which doesn’t exist. But I love to pretend it does, and thus I’m a potential customer of Stutterheim raincoats or other products that can give me a tangible piece of imagined perfection in a world that is all but perfect.

But you gotta do it right. You’re in the game – play it! One mistake and the image falls apart. As in the case with an acute accent used as an apostrophe. Shiver.

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