Mauerfall 2014

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the city has created a “light border” where the wall used to go, at least for a small (but still pretty long) 15 km stretch of it. The light border is made up of 8,000 glowing balloons, which will be released on the evening of the 9th November, which was the date of the Mauerfall.

Today I took a walk with some friends along a short part of the light border, starting at the light installation’s start at Bornholmer Straße. It was a wonderful autumn day. I lost my friends somewhere in Mauerpark, but hadn’t planned to walk the whole 15 km anyway (which they had), so I went home at Brunnenstraße, where the outdoor wall museum starts.

The famous Bösebrücke on Bornholmer Straße, where the border guards first started to let people cross the border from east to west on the evening of 9th November 1989. The billboard advertising a musical about these events couldn’t have got a better placement.
On Bösebrücke just outside S-Bornholmer Straße. This is the first of the balloons.


Every here and there: Big screens showing footage from the GDR times and from the fall of the wall.


Schwedter Steg – a pedestrian bridge which was built where the wall used to go.



Mauerpark, a park which was built on the “Todesstreife” – the death strip.
A part of the wall in Mauerpark has been saved and is now a graffiti wall, free for everyone to paint on.
Bernauer Straße between Mauerpark and Brunnenstraße.


Bernauer Straße by Brunnenstraße – this is where the outdoor museum about the Berlin wall starts, and where I went home. (I’ve seen it many times and it’s very good, but this would do for me today!)

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