Some design changes

As you can see, I’ve done some changes to my blog’s exterior. The biggest change is that the photos come out much bigger since I deleted the sidebar. As you might (not) remember, I have a beef with sidebars:

  • May 2012: “Remember how cool it used to be to have 3 columns?”
  • August 2013: “I remember in 2008 when it was fancy to have two sidebars”

Hopefully they’re gone for good this time!

The photos are now displayed almost 1000 pixels wide. It’s the same photos as before, because for the last two years I’ve saved them as 1000 px wide. All photos from my autumn in Japan were even saved as 2000 px wide. I’m happy I was so foresighted – old posts now look great.

Being able to display images big and wide makes the blog a perfect alternative to ad-based and content-restricting services such as Flickr. A friend who uses Flickr (you know who you are!) sometimes links to one of his photos, probably without knowing what I see on my screen when I click his link:

Flickr advertisement between photos

Yes, Flickr inserts ads between my friend’s photos. Every fifth photo in his gallery is an ad. This is of course totally okay, it’s how Flickr/Yahoo makes money. But personally I don’t want to be part of such a business model – imagine if one fifth of my hundreds of photos from Japan was an ad such as the one above! – and so I self-host my photos on this blog instead.

Graphics-wise I’ve abandoned the retro colors which were so hot in 2013 for a gaussian blurish, iossian feel, let be without the super-duper-thin Helvetica.

The blog remains a public recording of superficial events, a notebook for spontaneous thoughts and the occasional quote, and – at times – my studying and biking partner.

Oh, and if you noticed that the blog was gone for two days (3 and 4 November 2014), it was because my domain expired and was deactivated! I was even without email, a weird feeling, not entirely bad though. It took two days for Binero to reply to my support ticket and renew the domain (as they should have done in the first place, before it expired!).

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