Mauerfall 2014, part 2: Ballonaktion!

Last night, the evening of the 9 November 2014, we walked along the light border from Bethaniendamm to Schillingbrücke, where we waited for the balloons to be released, one per second, starting at Brandenburger Tor.

Each balloon had a pater who would release it, we met Eric from Finland.

Excited atmosphere, lots of cheering when the balloon releasing chain finally reached us. Some balloons wouldn’t go off and the chain was temporarily stopped. I guess the actual wall also had parts that were harder to tear down, so the symbolical balloon event reflected the fall of the wall quite well, I think. Especially when the girl sitting on someone’s shoulders releases the last stuck balloon and everyone cheers.








And here is the video from Mauerfall 2009 – the 20th anniversary – when we watched the dominoaktion at Brandenburger Tor:

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