German Christmas market at Alexanderplatz

Berlin is very dark and boring in December, but the Christmas markets are here to compensate for that. It’s fascinating to see Alexanderplatz turning into a bustling club for this month. Yes, that’s the feeling when they put up a huge bar in the middle of the square and a DJ is playing hits. We had three big glasses of Glühwein each.




Then we took a walk (with our glühweins) to the other side of Alexa, where a moving tivoli settles each Christmas. Lots of people, but no long lines to the attractions.




This is going to sound quite a bit prejudiced, but ever since I was a child I’ve learned that the people who run this kind of traveling tivoli fairs are drunks, usually from some Eastern European country. If they didn’t travel with the fair, they would probably be beggars. Like I said, it’s probably just prejudices, but I always keep in mind that security isn’t their biggest priority. When we saw one of these people passing by, and looking just like a beggar, I told my friend this theory. He said that this was common knowledge, he had had the same view since he was a child. But he meant that this uncertainty regarding the security added to the thrill when going in the otherwise somewhat bleak attractions.

So we started with this one: Voodoo Jumper (5 euro) – the only attraction where we had to wait a bit:


It was wonderful, especially with three big glühweins in your body.


Passing Break Dance, which I saw in München on the Oktoberfest in 2008:


Then we went in this thing (4 euro). It didn’t look as fun as Voodoo Jumper, but since the carriage turned around 360 degrees, your body got a bigger shock and thus it was actually more fun. Note that there is no fence separating the moving attraction from the onlooking people:


And here’s the video of Voodoo Jumper and that other thing:

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