Live from spring


Anyone know where I am? It’s not that hard to find out actually. More posts will follow.

Update: Well, there were several ways to find out – or at least I thought so.

  1. I had switched on geotagging of the photos I take with my phone. So the exact location should be in the EXIF information. However, when checking now, I realize that the coordinates disappeared when the image was uploaded through the WordPress app and resaved as 2000 px wide.
  2. I had also turned on a function in my phone where the location is included in the name of the image, so if viewing only the image, you would see that it’s titled “wpid-20150128_140346_draupromenade-2000×1125”. So I’m on Draupromenade, apparently.
  3. Last of all, I chose to turn on geotagging for the post itself, but although various plugins can make use of this, I’m not sure where or if this information actually shows – I’ve searched the code without finding any coordinates. So let’s put in an Openstreetmap and see if it manages to automatically show the coordinates of the post:

(And no, it didn’t happen automatically. But since the coordinates, as registered by the GPS in the phone, were in the post when I edited it, I could add them manually. Oh, and another issue with the OSM plugin: It doesn’t show in the WordPress reader and post emails, and also cuts all content below it. I guess a workaround could be to include the OSM map in the end of the post, so that no other content is killed by it. I also don’t like that there is no padding under the map. Actually, I hate that. I made a temporary “br” workaround in the text editor, but such changes get lost next time you edit the post if you happen to be in the visual editor … Anyway, I’m in Villach!)

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